Fazlul Huq Muslim Hall was established in 1940 according to the name of A.K. Fazlul Huq, former prime minister of non-divided Bangla. It is one of the oldest residential Hall of Dhaka University. This Hall was opened with a total of 363 students on Ist July, 1940. Fazlul Huq Muslim Hall is divided into three parts, such as Main Bhavan, South Bhavan and Extension of South Bhavan. There are 262 rooms and 636 seats in this Hall. Total number of students are now 1570 (residents & non residents).

Present Provosts: Prof. Dr. Md. Harunur Rashid

List of the Former Provosts:

1. Dr. Mohammad Shahidullah 01/07/1940 to 30/06/1943
2. Dr. M. I. Borah 01/07/1943 to 04/05/1944
3. A.H.Talukder (Acting)05/05/1944 to 06/08/1944
4. Dr. Mahmud Hossain 07/08/1944 to 28/02/1949
5. Dr. Kazi Motahar Hossain (Acting) 01/03/1949 to 07/04/1949
6. Dr. M.A. Halim 08/04/1949 to 02/01/1951
7. Dr. M.N. Huda 03/01/1951 to 30/11/54
8. Dr. M. Haque 01/12/1954 to 31/03/1957
9. Nurul Momen (Acting) 01/04/1957 to 31/07/1957
10. Dr. M. Haque 01/08/1957 to 30/06/1959
11. Dr. M. Shafiullah 01/07/1959 to 07/08/1966
12. Dr. Wadudur Rahman 08/08/1966 to 15/02/1967
13. Dr. Mir Faqruzzaman 16/02/1967 to 07/02/1972
14. Dr. A.Q.M.B. Karim 08/02/1972 to 15/05/1972
15. Dr. M. Rawsan Ali 16/05/1972 to 21/06/1972
16. Dr. A.K. Rafiqullah 22/06/1972 to 31/07/74
17. Dr. Mahabbat Ali 01/08/1974 to 30/12/1987
18. Dr. Abu Jafar Mahmood 31/12/1987 to 31/12/1993
19. Dr. Ahmad Ismail Mustafa 01/01/1994 to 17/03/1995
20. Dr. Md. Abdul Quader (Acting) 18/03/1995 to 31/01/1996
21. Dr. Md. Abdul Quader 01/02/1996 to 21/03/1999
22. Dr. Md. Hussain Monsur 22/03/1999 to 24/11/1999
23. Dr. Shahid Akter Hossain (Acting) 25/11/1999 to 29/11/2000
24. Dr. Md. Hussain Monsur 30/11/2000 to 04/07/2001
25. Dr. Md. Sohrab Hossain (Acting) 05/07/2001 to 11/07/2001
26. Dr. Md. Anwar Hossain 12/07/2001 to 12/11/2001
27. Dr. Md. Anwarul Islam (Acting) 13/11/2001 to 18/03/2002
28. Dr. Yearul Kabir 19/03/2002 to 24/11/2004

Hall Library:

Hall library is conducted under the guidance of house tutor Dr. Md. Anowarul Azim Akhanda and one library assistant. The library remains open from 9:30-a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in every working day. Books are purchased from University fund every year for the library. Part of library also is being used as a paper room.

Reading Room:
First floor of Canteen is being used as a reading room. It’s area is about 2000 square feet. It can accommodate 50 students to read there at a time.

Scholarships, financial grants and others:
Meritorious students of this hall are awarded with scholarships. Financial aids and books are distributed among them from different sources i.e. UGC Scholarship, Board Scholarship, District Council, Sena Kallyan, I.S.R.T. Scholarship, Fatema Khatun Scholarship. Besides, a good number of students get financial support from student welfare fund on recommendation of house tutors.

Religious and National Programmes:
The following programmes are celebrated annually with due respects and formalities.
1. Shab-e-barat
2. Ifter Party
3. Holy Siratunnobi (sm)
4. Shahid Intellectual day — 14th December
5. Victory day- 16th December
6. International Mother Language day- 21st February
7. Independence & National day- 26th March

Annual Sports (External):
Annual sports competition takes place each year at the university central sports ground.

Indoor Games and Cultural Week:
Every year indoor games and cultural week are celebrated with the participation of large number of students.

Mess System in Dinning Hall :
Dinning mess managed by students runs in the hall under the supervision of the house tutor. Beside this, one canteen also provides break fast, lunch and dinner.

Card Phone:
For the convenience of students, there is a card phone booth in the Main Bhaban’s guest room.

Small shops run in the hall premises for stationeries like paper, pens drinks etc.

Badhan (Willingly Blood Donor Organization):
Badhan is a voluntary blood donation organization. Badhan organizes programmes on Hepatitis B Vaccination, tetanus vaccination and free blood group identification. Students come to know information about Badhan from a notice board.

English Club:
Fazlul Huq Muslim Hall is conducting English club smoothly Hall students are participating in different courses on learning and spoken English organized by this club. These courses are being conducted by experienced and well qualified teachers.

Debating Club:
There is also a ‘Debating Club’ in the Fazlul Huq Muslim Hall premises. The students of this club participates in National Television Debate Competition, and Inter Hall Debate & Quiz Competition regularly.